Between High and Low Water (BK)


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Jan Sutch-Pickard

Sojourner songs – a book of poems from the edge, which belong to particular places.

These poems belong to particular places: a village by the side of a single-track road in the West of Scotland; the Separation Barrier between the West Bank and Israel; the crowded, lonely streets of London, during a protest about world poverty; the huge empty shores of the Isle of Mull.

With down-to-earth detail, they celebrate the beauty, uniqueness, mystery of this world which we share and the courage of people who, confronted by injustice, hold on to their humanity. Songs for those who are also sojourners, passing through: whether walking thoughtfully alone or cheerfully meeting the challenges of community. They speak to those who – finding it profoundly unsettling – still try to live the Gospel.

Jan Sutch Pickard is a member of the Iona Community. She was vice-president of the Methodist Conference from 1996–-97, and on the island of Iona was Deputy Warden and Warden of Iona Abbey for several years until 2004. Other books of Jan’s published by Wild Goose Publications are: Dandelions and Thistles, Out of Iona and (with Brian Woodcock) Advent Readings from Iona


143 pages

ISBN 9781905010455