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Neil Paynter (Editor)

Fifty  of the best loved prayers of the Iona Community in a portable edition

Prayers by Kathy Galloway, Ruth Burgess, the Wild Goose Resource Group, George MacLeod, Kate Mcllhagga, Jan Sutch Pickard, Peter Millar, Jan Sutch Pickard, Joy Mead, Ali Newell, Chris Polhill, Ian M. Fraser and others.

A book that is sure to become dog-eared through use in worship, or from being carried around on the often bumpy, sometimes tranquil ride of life.




86 pages

ISBN  9781905010622


List of Prayers:

Gather Us In: Wild Goose Resource Group
Morning Psalm: Neil Paynter
Today: Ruth Burgess
Circuit: Kate Mcllhagga
You Take Me Seriously: Ruth Burgess
Prayer For Three Voices: Yvonne Morland
The Glory In The Grey: George MacLeod
I Am Tired, God: Ruth Burgess
Weaver: Ruth Burgess
Beckon Us, God: Ruth Burgess
Too Much Luggage: Kathy Galloway
Grace From Iona Abbey: Jan Sutch Pickard
Immersion: Pat Bennett
God Of The Tides: Jan Sutch Pickard
Thanksgiving Prayer: David Coleman
Confession: Ali Newell
Like A Tree: Neil Paynter
Waiting: Kathy Galloway
Birth Blessing: Kate Mcllhagga
Moontime Of The Winter: Kate McIlhagga
God Of The Dispossessed: Peter Millar
God Beyond Borders: Kathy Galloway
Prayer Of Thanksgiving For Different Cultures: Neil Paynter and others
Lord Jesus, It’s Good To Know: Kathy Galloway
Storyteller: Ruth Burgess
Christ Of Every Suffering Heart: Peter Millar
Gently: Kate Mcllhagga
All Hallows: Ruth Burgess
Looking in The Wrong Places: Kathy Galloway
Man Is Made To Rise: George MacLeod
Beyond Easter: Ruth Burgess
Bright And Amazing God: Helen Lambie
Prayer For The Church: Ian M. Fraser
Come, Holy Spirit: Jan Sutch Pickard
Our Father: Ruth Burgess
Gannet Prayer: Jan Sutch Pickard
Spirit (or Lightness And Life): Joy Mead
You Spread A Table: Prayer Of Thanksgiving: Jan Sutch Pickard
The Whole Earth Shall Cry Glory: George MacLeod
Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done: Wild Goose Resource Group
After Psalm 19: Kathy Galloway
Affirmation: Jan Sutch Pickard and Brian Woodcock
Take Us Outside, O Christ: George MacLeod
New Ways: Kathy Galloway
Prayer For The Journey: Chris Polhill
Look At Your Hands: Wild Goose Resource Group
Journey Blessing: Peter Millar
The People God Calls Blessed: Ruth Burgess
Blessing: Jan Sutch Pickard
Living Letters: Neil Paynter




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