Living The Questions

People know that at its core, Christianity has something good to offer humanity. At the same time, many have a sense that they are alone in being a “thinking” Christian and that “salvaging” Christianity is a hopeless task. What is needed is a safe environment where people have permission to ask the questions they’ve always wanted to ask but have been afraid to voice for fear of being thought a heretic.

Living the Questions is a source of curriculum and media for both seekers and “church alumni/ae” convinced that Christianity still has relevance in the 21st Century. Providing a variety of flexible resources, Living the Questions can help people explore the future of Christianity and what a meaningful faith can look like in today’s world.

WGRG is now registered as a Resource Centre for Living the Questions materials and has an LTQ lending licence.

If your church or home study group members would like a framework within which they can ask the questions they’ve always wanted to ask about real world needs but have been afraid to voice, LTQ offers practical tools to enable this.

Our user account can be accessed by those borrowing programs with downloadable resources, so that they can obtain the supplementary study materials.

(Please note that these programmes are not licensed for public performance.)

If you are interested in hiring any of the DVD-based programmes below, please contact us to check availability: 0141 429 7281

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