The inimitable WGRG approach to worship is best presented in the books in this sub-section. It contains material originated by WGRG or other elements that are an integral part of the WGRG’s repertoire.

Song … big ones and wee ones in a variety of styles.
Liturgy … full liturgies, bits of liturgies, prayers, symbolic action suggestions, responses, litanies.
Drama … scripts, dialogues with a dramatic bent for performance or to provoke thought.
Reflections … on approaches, theoretical musings, practical guidelines, meditations.
Various … other bits and pieces.


Here you’ll find other material which though not necessarily reflecting the WGRG approach, is nevertheless either utilised by us occasionally or definitely worth a look.

Song … including those from the world church and the likes of Bernadette Farrell.
Liturgy … including material from Iona Community, Dorothy McRae-MacMahon & ALTERnativity.
Reflections … including material by Kathy Galloway.
Various … other bits and pieces, including bible study, poetry.

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