A wide range of funky, classy or just plain mental 25mm diameter button badges, available exclusively from WGRG.

Some are inspirational, others perhaps slightly deranged, but including texts from WGRG & global songs, quotes from George MacLeod and other visionaries, images from Holy City, WGRGs own wee goose logo & other assorted images from the hand of Graham Maule & others… and there is even a series of Scots endearments (though we have to emphasise the fact that abuse is one of the highest expressions of fondness in the West of Scotland…)

We also offer discounted prices for Bulk Orders. If you wish more information about these prices, please phone (0141 332 6343) or email us. Contact us ….

A: WGRG quotes
B: WGRG logos
C: Liturgical texts
D: Global song texts
E: George MacLeod quotes
F: Holy City
G: Music quotes
H: Scots quotes
I: Scots endearments
J: WGRG images
K: Slogans & images

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