Welcome to the new Wild Goose website!


And a warm welcome at that!

We’ve moved from our old wgrg.co.uk site to this, our new wildgoose.scot one.

Two immediate advantages are that this address is easier to remember than our slightly obscure initials that folk were always confused about and that the new, dynamic site and shop software we’re now using allows us to blog, offer a wider range of features, provide samples and previews of books and CDs, with the possibility of adding responsive bells and whistles that should make visiting us online more useful and enjoyable!

That’s our hope and intention. Let us know what you think, particularly if there’s anything that you think could be improved (and we’ll see what we can do!).


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Wild Goose website!

  1. Liking the new site very much dear gooses – quick, clean, clear, and works equally well on assorted different devices. The only thing which is potentially confusing is that in the ‘latest posts’ column, the dates which stand out are the dates of the posts rather than the dates of the events.

  2. Wonderful to see the new website up and running – it was easy to re-register so I can make sure I’ll get news direct to my inbox.
    Off to browse the special offer CDs now and perhaps grab a bargain!

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