ANNOUNCING: weeWONDERBOX – Root 66, ‘On The Wings Of The Wind’

Biblical blethers on the hoof

Root 66 returns, courtesy of Jo Love, for yer healthy and holy delectation. Today’s theme will be ‘God, us and the environment’.

Psalm 104 is an evocative celebration of God’s relationship with creation. As we approach Lent, we will meditate on this psalm and ask how we might honour the coming season with new or renewed ways of tending and attending to the natural world.

Our walking and talking will take place around Whitelee Windfarm on Eaglesham Moor, with a shorter or longer route as you choose, and a café if we’re back in time!

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weeWONDERBOX: Root 66 (1) – On the Wings of the Wind