A seasonal celebration of faith, culture politics and creativity

ColumbaFest will take place on 9th-11th June 2017 in Glasgow.

It’s a weekend festival on the anniversary of St Columba’s death.

St Columba is the holy man who came from Ireland to settle on the island of Iona, and in time, established the religious settlement there. He christianised Scotland; and the mission work of his followers spread out from there to reach parts of central and southern Europe.

During the festival, workshops and other events will explore themes from Columba’s life, such as learning, mission, exile, prayer, spirituality and political engagement. And in echoes of his and the Celtic Church’s emphasis on incarnation, we’ll explore issues that are of importance in the contemporary context and culture of Scotland, and which have broader resonance further afield.

For more details, visit the ColumbaFest events page or on Facebook.