ANNOUNCING: Change Without Decay, WGRG on Iona

Four coloured, metal moulds (in yellow, light red and light blue), set on a green background, above which are blue leaves

A week with the Wild Goose Resource Group on Iona

For many people in churches, change is a no-go area, a source of stress and the cause of major disagreement.Yet change is the central dynamic of the Christian faith: Jesus both changes people and in the resurrection moves from being a corpse to a living body.

Given that among the primary purposes of Jesus were to call people to repentance (which is a substantial turn-around) and ‘to make all things new’, it is important that people of faith do more than have a knee-jerk reaction to change. It should be a central dynamic in our life.

This is what we will explore together as it affects the worshipping life of a community.

The Wild Goose Resource Group will draw on and explore what we have seen and enabled, such as the redesigning of space; solo performer ministries becoming shared endeavours; reluctant assemblies becoming oases of song.

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Change Without Decay