Titles A-Z

Here you’ll find a list of published WGRG titles, with details of which formats they’re available in.


10 Things They Never Told Me About Jesus: book (2009)

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All That Matters: book (2010)
Alternativity Advent Meal, The (2001): PDF  download only, available from http://www.alternativity.org.uk
And Jesus Said No: liturgy booklet no. 13 (2019)

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Cloth For The Cradle: resource book (1997)
Come All You People: songbook (1995); cd (1995)
Courage To Say No, The: songbook (1996); cd (1996)

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Eh Jesus… Yes Peter? no. 1, booklet (1987) – OUT OF PRINT
Eh Jesus… Yes Peter? no. 2, booklet (1988) – OUT OF PRINT
Eh Jesus… Yes Peter? no. 3, booklet (1990) – OUT OF PRINT
Enemy Of Apathy: songbook (1988); cd (2015)

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Family Affair, A: liturgy booklet no. 9 (2008)
Fencing In God’s People: liturgy booklet no. 8 (2007); Gooseleg cd (2007)

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God and Her Girls: liturgy booklet no. 11 (2009)
God Comes Tomorrow: anthem pack (2001); cd (2001)
God Never Sleeps: anthem pack (1995); cd (1995)
God’s Good Earth: liturgy booklet no. 14 (2021)

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Hard Words For Interesting Times: book (2003)
Harvesting the World: liturgy booklet no. 10 (2009)
He Was In The World: book (1995)
Heaven Shall Not Wait: songbook (1987); cd (1991)

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I Will Not Sing Alone: songbook (2004); cd (2004)
Innkeepers & Light Sleepers: songbook (1992); cd (1992)
Is God A Christian: Gooseleg booklet no. 1 (2007) – OUT OF PRINT; Gooseleg cd (2007)

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Jesus & Peter: book (1999)
Jubilee Liturgy, A: liturgy booklet no. 2 (1999) – OUT OF PRINT

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Known Unknowns: songbook (2018)

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Last Journey, The: book (1996); cd (1996); anthem pack (1996); book & cd (2018)
Living with the Psalms: book (2020)
Love & Anger: songbook (1997); cd (1997)
Love From Below: songbook (1989); cd (1989)
Love Which Heals, The: liturgy booklet no. 3 (2000) – OUT OF PRINT

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Many & Great: songbook (1990); cd (1990)

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One Is The Body: songbook (2002); cd (2002)

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Pictures Of God: liturgy booklet no. 5 (2003)
Poverty, Chastity & Obedience: book (1984) – OUT OF PRINT
Present On Earth: resource book (2002)
Psalms Of David/ Songs Of Mary: cd (1998)
Psalms Of Patience, Protest & Praise: book (1993); cd (1993)

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Rare Species: cassette (2000)
Remember Me Today: liturgy booklet no. 4 (2002)
Road To Roam, A: liturgy booklet no. 7 (2006)

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St. Columba Of Iona: liturgy booklet no. 1 (1997) – OUT OF PRINT; liturgy download (2013)
Sent By The Lord: songbook (1991); cd (1991)
Seven Psalms of David: anthem pack (1998)
Seven Songs of Mary: songbook (1998)
Singing Thing, The: book (2000)
Singing Thing Too, The: book (2007)
Songs Of The Incarnation: book (1983) – OUT OF PRINT
Spare Change and Gilt-edged Grace: liturgy booklet no. 12 (2012)
Splendour of the House of God, The: anthem pack (2011); cd (2011)
Stages On The Way: resource book (1998)
States Of Bliss & Yearning: book (1998)
Sweet Honey & Hard Places: liturgy booklet no. 6 (2005)

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Take This Moment: anthem pack (2000); cd (2000)
There Is One Among Us: songbook (1998); cd (1998)
Thinking Out Loud: book (2008)
This is God’s World: songbook (2021); cd (2020)
Touching Place, A: cassette (1986) – OUT OF PRINT
Truth That Sets Us Free, The: songbook (2012); cd (2012)

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We Walk His Way: songbook (2008); cd (2008)
Wee Worship Book, A – 4th incarnation: book (1999)
Wee Worship Book, A – 5th incarnation: book (2015)
When Grief Is Raw: songbook (1997)
Wrestle And Fight And Pray: book (1993) – OUT OF PRINT

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