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All these Wild Gooses are confusing me… how do they relate to one another?

The Wild Goose Resource Group (WGRG) is a semi-autonomous project of the Iona Community, consisting of John L. Bell and Jo Love (Resource Workers), and Gail Ullrich (Administrator). They are employed under the auspices of the Iona Community (more info) and work in the UK and further afield in the areas of worship and Christian education. The Iona Community takes the Wild Goose as its logo. The wee jaggy one that looks like a thistle is the logo of the Wild Goose Resource Group.

Wild Goose Publications is the publishing division of the Iona Community. They produce a range of publications which reflect the concerns of the Iona Community, including liturgy resources and the materials devised by the Wild Goose Resource Group. They share the same offices with WGRG in Glasgow.

The Wild Goose Collective are a moving and changing feast. They have been gathered to record WGRG songs since 2004. They are also a bunch of reprobate friends, associates and former members of the Wild Goose Worship Group.

The Wild Goose Worship Group (WGWG) was a group of 18 people living in Glasgow, now cheerfully disbanded, who met each week to learn new songs, develop workshops and devise worship. They have made a number of recordings of Resource Group material and songs from the world church.

You may also have come across Holy City, which was a WGRG-enabled ecumenical adult event in Glasgow. It took place monthly, and consisted of workshops and worship planned by WGRG and an assortment of Glaswegian citizens, and was the primary event where WGRG innovation in liturgy took place… i.e. contrary to popular opinion, such work occurs primarily in Glasgow and not on Iona. More info ….

weeWONDERBOX logo, white letters on red squareweeWONDERBOX is the current series of face-to-face events, that mainly take place in central Glasgow, and is a collaboration between the Iona Community’s Programme team and the Wild Goose Resource Group. More info…


Are the WGRG trained singers?

No. Just frequent bathers. Sometimes…

Are you a choir?

No. Choirs are not the only people who can sing. We do sing, and we do record our material, but we do other things as well. Recordings have been made by the Wild Goose Collective and before them, the Wild Goose Worship Group (see above).

Do you live on Iona?

Certainly not. We only go to the island once or twice a year to lead programme weeks. We live in the central belt of Scotland and are based in Glasgow, at the Iona Community’s offices.

Do you major on ‘celtic’ spirituality?

No. One person in the group deals with that topic (occasionally). Another would deal with it in a completely different way (if asked, but most folk are wiser than to consider asking such a thing).

Though we do believe there is (or was) such a thing, it does not particularly inform our work or approach. And we are slightly suspicious of many of the contemporary materials and manifestations carrying this tag. Much – though not all of it – is a relatively unchallenging, exotic fiction. Harmless in itself, it is nevertheless more problematic when – as currently is the case – it is actively appropriated by the religious tourist/ heritage theme park industry, from which many in the West seek a comfortably innocuous escapism.

What kind of things do you offer?

Workshops, evenings of song, services of worship, etc. Please contact us for more info.

Is John Bell the music leader of the Iona Community?

No. There isn’t a “music leader”.

On the island of Iona there is a musician every year who provides and organises music for the services of worship in the Abbey and for guests who stay there. There are also other musicians and hymn writers who are/have, like Wild Goose, been associated with the Iona Community. e.g. Kathy Galloway, Ian Fraser, Leith Fisher, Tom Colvin, to name but a few.

We prefer to refer to our songs as “Wild Goose songs”, not “Iona songs”. There is no such thing as the latter, unless referring to the repertoire of the very popular south British religious music group of the 80s and 90s, “Iona”, who were not associated with the Iona Community in any way.

Are you paid by the Iona Community, or a single church?

The Wild Goose Resource Group are a semi-autonomous project. We receive a small amount of funding from The Iona Community, and occasionally individuals who support us. However we are responsible for raising the bulk of our finances (over 75%) from work we do : events, sales, royalties on publications etc.

Can I get your lecture / workshop notes a month in advance?

Sorry, we rarely are able or have the capacity to work to that kind of schedule, and if you want to publish our notes/material, you’d have to get special permission. Please contact us at the address below.

What do we do if we want to use your songs or liturgies in our church?

For standard commercial print (and other) permissions, please contact us directly at the address below. For local church licensing use, our songs are covered by the Christian Copyright Licensing Scheme in the UK and many other territories of the world – you can find out more about this at (UK), at (world) or again, by contacting us directly. Additionally, we are part of the One License Scheme  –

In several other territories of world, we have national publishers who represent and administer our work. For more details about these and for further advice on reproducing material authored by John Bell and Graham Maule non-commercially, you can phone – 0141 429 7281 – or write to us at the Wild Goose Resource Group office. Contact us ….

What if our organisation wanted to include some of your materials in a publication, video or recording we are producing?

Then you would again write to or e-mail us at the Wild Goose Resource Group office in Glasgow. Contact ….

Where can we buy your worship resources?

A multitude of options…

1. You can get them here in the WGRG Online Shop!

2. Alternatively, you can purchase them direct from us at our Glasgow offices (address below).

3. If in the UK, your local Christian bookshop may stock them (if it’s a bookshop of discernment and good quality!), and even if they’re not, they you can still ask them to order our resources for you.

4. Or you can purchase those titles published by Wild Goose Publications who are also based in the Glasgow offices, from their shop.

However, Wild Goose Publications don’t stock the full range of WGRG titles available, such as our WGRG Liturgy Booklets, Holy City downloads, the GIA range of anthem packs & CDs (by John L. Bell & the Cathedral Singers), our Badges or GOOSEgander, all of which are available here.

In addition, they don’t stock many of the liturgical resources by non-WGRG authors (eg. Farrell, McRae-McMahon) which you can find here in the WGRG shop. However they do stock all non-WGRG and Iona Community associated material that they themselves publish (obviously!)

Follow this link if you want to visit the WGPubs website… but do come back!


Wild Goose Resource Group,

c/o The Iona Community, 21 Carlton Court, Glasgow G5 9JP, Scotland. T. +44 (0)141 429 7281


WGRG/ Wild Goose Resource Group is a semi-autonomous project of the Iona Community, a charity registered in Scotland, No. SC003794.