Palestinian fair trade food & crafts now available in Glasgow!

'Hadeel Pop-Up Shop' in Black, red and green on yellow background with blue Palestinian dove logo.

Palestinian fair trade food & crafts arrive in Glasgow

Interested in buying goods in support of fair trade, justice and, in particular, Palestinian farmers and craftworkers?

Hadeel is a Fair Trade shop in Edinburgh which has been offering this possibility for many years to the good folk of the (Scottish) Far East … but now, as this launch event celebrates, we have the advent of an outlet in Glasgow, both in occasional pop-up shop form and also through the possibility of once or twice-monthly ‘open door’ pick-ups of pre-ordered products via weeWONDERBOX.

Today’s event will feature the pop-up shop, plus a film on a recent Hadeel/ Palcrafts trip to visit producers, some information about and opportunity to discuss future Hadeel plans, a short time of worship and of course, refreshments.

Hadeel Pop-Up Shop Launch